well, this is a silly site

Why on earth are you starting a blog?

It’s not really a blog. I consider it more of a public collection of my memories. I have a terrible memory, as anyone who’s told me their birthdate knows. So, this is a way to remember things I’ve cooked and subsequently eaten, while every once in a while exploring a tangent related to the other two things that take up the majority of my day: coding and cryptocurrencies.

Why will this blog be any different?

Well, I actually have some ground rules:

  • All posts involving food will have a recipe at the top. There’s nothing I hate more than wanting to cook something that looks delicious in a picture and having to scroll for hours to get to the actual recipe.


  • There will be no shilling of cryptocurrencies on this blog. What’s a cryptocurrency?
    It’s a digital form of money based on blockchain. In case you haven’t heard yet, blockchain is going to change everything:

    via GIPHY

    Always trust people in space t-shirts and cowboy hats.

    Recently, I stumbled into becoming a so-called expert on something called blockchain, at least according to a publication from a no-name university. I plan on using this awesome power for good unlike the vast majority of awful crypotcurrency blogs out there.

    If you’re ever confused about what blockchain is or why cryptocurrencies matter, feel free to reference this:

    These are indeed the leaders of the future.


  • Read this blog enough, and you may eventually learn how to code. Why? I needed another ‘C’ word to add to the title. I code a lot, so that sounded like the best choice for the third one.


  • I sincerely promise to use eye-catching stock photos as much as I possibly can.


  • Blog posts are meant be short. If I post anything longer than 600 words, please troll me to oblivion in the comment box below.


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